Grandparents Day Craft!

Hello Friends,

I love doing crafts, I am always working on a project and looking for something new to do. I especially love to do crafts with my sons. Grandparents day was on September 8 and my sons truly have two amazing sets of grandparents. We are so blessed, both my husbands parents and my parents are SO great!! I adore seeing them with the boys, the love and happiness the boys brins

g them brings tears to me eyes. They are everything grandparents should be- loving, caring, giving, and of course they spoil them rotten!!! So I wanted a extra special craft from the boys to their grandparents so we made little canvas foots prints. It was super simple and very sentimental.

I brought 2- 8×10 canvas from Michaels and printed out a picture. I then used canvas print and made a little footprint on the canvas, which represented a “V” in the word “Love”. I then used a Sharpie paint brush ( it is just like a sharpie marker but actual paint comes out- very neat! they have it at michaels) and wrote” I Love you”. Then I attached the picture and added a border.

I thought it was a very cute gift and both sets of grandparents LOVED IT!!!! I am so glad they did :) Just wanted to share this with you all. It would also make it a great gift for Christmas. You can’t go wrong with handmade gifts from the kids, they are a keepsake!