New Summer Arrivals!

Summer may officially begin on June 21 but we are feeling the warm weather and need to dress for it! The new arrivals are perfect for Summer! 

Our “Harper Aztec Maxi Dress” and our “Cream Peplum Lace Dress” are both breezy materials that are both modest and stylish. Available now on our site.

Both dress are available in S-XL, if you need a 2X or 3X, please email us at and we will be able to get it for you!


Summer Fashion Trend: Wearing All White!

Not that I am one for following fashion rules, but Memorial Day does mark the official start to summer and for most people that is when their begin their white looks. So how do you pull off wearing ALL white? Continue reading to find out.

We love colors, and think every wardrobe should have many every colors (especially Pink) so wearing one color from head to toe can sound intimidating, especially when your color of choice is white. We understand if you’re feeling a bit weary of this trend. Aside from the fact that it isn’t always the most flattering color. Still, it’s a look that’s too good to be missed.

Feeling clueless about this all-white thing? Start with a white skirt or dress you like, add one of your favorite white tops (a T-shirt will work as well as a button-up), and boom: You’re rocking one of the biggest trends of the season.

Below are some of our favorite All White Outfits (courtesy of Pinterest) and Some of our favorites all white pieces from Dreaming in Pink also.



Keep it simple- wearing a crew neck shirt and a white pencil or A-line skirt is all you need. 


Add An Accent ColorBalance your look with a subdued accent color. Find a piece with design details that bring another shade into the picture, but make sure you don’t let it steal the show.

Accessories… Accessories- We think accessories are the answer to every outfit. It can help transform the most blandest outfit. By adding a colored belt, hand bag, shoe or hair piece you can take an all white outfit and add a twist. You can still have the All White Summer trend and a little splash of color.




Below are some of our white pieces from Dreaming in Pink.

Let us know, what do you think of the all white summer trend?  



DIY: Washer Pedestal with Storage

Happy weekend Friends!!!


I got a front loading washing machine months ago and have always wanted a pedestal for it. However, $250 for each pedestal sounded absurd!  I asked my husband if he would build me one for Mother’s Day, and he did!! Just wanted to share with you all the pictures and the Do It Your Self steps in case you would like to build it. I totally love it, and recommend it. He added room in the bottom to store items in laundry baskets and added crown molding to give it a more elaborate look. It stuns me how this is made from just pieces of ply wood!! Check it out and let me know what you think!!

Step 1: Dimensions 

One of the best parts of DIY is that you can get exactly what you want, fit to your space. The dimensions are based are designed to fit a standard laundry basket. Note that standard washer and dryer pedestals are approximately 13″ tall – so this one is a tad taller. If you have the space and are concerned about the laundry system wobbling off, just make the platform larger. Built to suit the needs of your space and your requirements.



Step 2: Shopping List 

Shopping List:

2 – sheet of 3/4″ MDF or Plywood
5 – 2×4 @ 8 feet long
1 – 4×4 post @ 4 feet long (you can also use 2x4s laminated together – just add another 2×4 to your list)
1 – stick of base cap moulding like this @ 6 feet long
4 – Angle Brackets like these
3″ screws
2″ Screws
Finish Nails
Wood Filler

measuring tape
safety glasses
hearing protection
circular saw
compound miter saw
countersink drill bit

Step 3: Cut List 

10 – 2×4 @ 25″ (Joists)
4 – 2×4 @ 60″ (Sides of Floor)
2 – 3/4″ Plywood or MDF @ 28″ x 60″ (Decking)
4 – 4×4 Posts (or 8 2x4s) @ 11″ (Posts)
moulding cut to fit

Step 4: Flooring 

You are basically going to build two mini floors for this project. The top floor need to be built as shown above. The bottom floor you can skip the center joists – unless you plan on storing gold in those laundry baskets. Use glue and 3″ screws. I do apologize for making the joists 25″ long instead of 24″ (would have conserved more lumber) but this length is necessary for the application. 2x4s are cheap too.

*Every floor needs decking, so screw the plywood to the top of the 2x4s.

Step 5: Corner Angles 

This step is just because I have an old school washer and dryer that stomps out of the laundry room whenever I overloaded it. But the angles are cheap and will make your life easier. Screw down with 2″ screws.

Step 6: Attaching Legs

Attach the legs to the top (the floor with the most supports) and screw down. If you can, add a few screws toenailed in as well.

Step 7:  Trim (my favorite part!!!)

You don’t have to add trim, but it does give it a fancy look. We choose the crown molding in liked best!! I’m not going to give measurements here because the trim needs to match the legs exactly. You will need to miter the trim around the legs. Attach with glue and finish nails.


Step 8: Painting

You can paint it whatever color you desire. We choose a extra glossy white paint to make it look crisp and clean.


Lastly, instead of using traditional detergent bottles, I transferred my fabric softer and detergent into apothecary jars. I love how pretty it looks in them. At the moment my favorite detergent is the “Gain flings! Moonlight Breeze Detergent Pacs” and the fabric softer is “Purex Crystal in the lavender scent”

If you all make your own pedestal please email me with how you did it and your thoughts and pictures, Have a great weekend!!




The Perfect Amount of “Frou Frou”

Our “Tres Chic Ruffle” Skirts are the perfect amount of “Frou Frou”. It is full of ruffles and frills and the perfect skirt to dress up with a embellished glamorous blouse or wear casual with a jeans jacket. Either way, this skirt has been a customer favorite!  It is located under our “Clearance” Section 

Summer Maxi Dress

As we transition soon into Summer, a nice Maxi Dress is a necessity! They are effortless and perfect for the hot weather. Maxi dresses and skirts are my  go-to option for any hot day, combining fashion and comfort. Pair them with wedge sandals and even a statement jewelry piece if you want  to dress it up.

 Our “Oak Valley Brown Chevron” Maxi dress is definitely a must have for the warmer days ahead! 

Mixing Prints: To Mix or Not to Mix??

Ever since we were all in pre-school we were taught what matches and what doesn’t. Lately, the latest trend is to mix print, so we pretty much can take everything we have learned about matching and forget about it! Mixing Prints is BOLD and BRAVE! It might be a little too much for some people, but if you choose to mix print- your wardrobe will expand drastically!

Check out these tips for mixing prints

  1. Start bold. The first step to building your ensemble is finding the star piece, whether it be a loud floral skirt or a leopard printed blazer, use this piece as your jumping off point.
  2. Mixing polka dots and stripes is one of the easiest ways to achieve a mixed look. For those of you who are still a bit weary these are the patterns for you. Stick with black and white for a classically chic ensemble and add a dash of color with a killer bag or pair of heels.
  3. Choose a color family. Similar colors and palettes will help blend your prints, while still making a statement. If your pieces don’t share a color within their respected prints, similar backgrounds, like brown, black, white, or grey, become extra important.
  4. Scale is key. Once you have your larger, bold print, be sure to pair it with a smaller, less dominate print. Two prints of equal scale will give your ensemble an overwhelming appearance and could be unpleasing to the eye.
  5. Avoid three. I always suggest limiting your mixing to two patterns. You don’t want to go overboard. If your look calls for a third piece, go with a white blouse or a simple cardigan to tone down your prints.
  6. Accessorize accordingly. The right accessories can be the key to breaking up your ensemble. Try using solid colored items to tie your ensemble together like an oversized clutch or a belt.
  7. Try texture. If you’re too nervous to mix your prints, try a more subtle approach by mixing different textured pieces, like a ruffled blouse with a lace skirt. 

Sparkle and Shine!!

Being the ultimate girly girl, I LOVE clothes that sparkle or shine! I love anything that shines :D So our “Shimmer Sequin Skirt” is one of our favorites here at Dreaming in Pink! It is such a gorgeous skirt, I have been looking for a sequin skirt for ages, but they were either too short/tight, or too expensive. When I found this one I was super excited to add it to our collection. It is not short, tight, or expensive- making it the perfect sequin skirt. We have sold a bunch and only have a handful left.

Disney World Trip

Hi Friends!!! How are you all doing? Just wanted to share with you all my recent trip to Disney! My sister and I decided to take my two boys to Disney for the day, it was my little one Wesley’s first trip so it was extra exciting! I adore Disney so the whole day we were giddy and beyond excited. Here are some of my favorite pictures, hope everyone is having a great week so far!!


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