Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party!

I love parties and any excuse to rather friends, family, and food together is just right with me! Especially for my little one’s first birthday. Turning 1 is a milestone, it is incredible how quickly this past year has flown by. It seems like just weeks ago I was pregnant and working on his nursery and now my little bear is ONE(little bear is his nickname and where I got the theme for his party) I love throwing my children birthday parties. It is so much fun to get creative and plan it. For my oldest son we gave him a big farm themed first birthday so I knew with my second son I had to give him a fun party too.

So, whats the first step in planning a kid’s birthday party?

1.Choose a Theme- Choose something you or little one really enjoys. For an older child it is fun to let them choose but since my little bear is just One, I got to choose it. I went with the theme “Bears in a Hot Air Balloon” Birthday. I am not exactly sure how I thought of that theme but I thought it was so adorable and age appropriate. I knew the color scheme I wanted and I just got ideas from the theme.

2. Start with a guest list-  Think of all the kids and friends of the birthday child. Since this was a One year old birthday, I kept the guest list to be only babies- all of his little friends and our family. 

3. Entertaiment- A bounce house, clown, farm, balloon twisters- there are so many options in choosing an entertainment for a kid’s birthday party. Since his party was in July and it was almost 100 degrees outside I was forced to go with a big slide for the big kids and little kiddie pools for the babies. It was a fun way to entertain the kids while keeping them cool.

4.Games Galore- A kids birthday party requires games! Even though ours was just a one year old party and babies can’t partipcate in games I still had to think of the older siblings and older children. We went with a pinata- which is a sure hit! Other games that can be played are: a egg relay race, simon says, treasure hunt, dress-up race and obstacle race. 

5. Invitatioins-   After choosing a date and time begin working on the invitation. Make sure to add all the basic information such as time and date, location, and RSVP information. I could not find any cute invitations which matched the theme so I made my own.

6. Food- Choose whether you want to sandwiches and finger foods or a more elaborate meal. Also, choose whether you want to cater or cook at home. Keep in mind it is a kid’s party so chicken nuggets or mac-n-cheese are always good options for kids.

7. Enjoy & Take lots of pictures- Hosting any party is a lot of work. It also seems like there are a million things to do. If possible, enlist helpers. Family members and friends can be there and help so the party runs smoothly and everyone has a great time. Taking pictures to me is one of the most important parts. When the party is all said and done it is the pictures and the memories that you can keep with you forever. I always make a album to keep and show the kids when the are older. 

I began planning this party months ago and did most of it as DIY projects. All the hot air balloons, goodies bags, decorations were all done by me. Kid birthday parties don’t have to elaborate, it is all about celebrating another year of life! I am so blessed to have such an amazing little boy, the Lord has truly blessed us with our little Bear and he has completed our family. Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet Bear, May God continue blessing you :)

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